Hobbyweld Gas

South West Handling are main dealers for all Hobbyweld products.

We have been providing hobbyweld gas products to our customers for years and we are the the place to get your Hobbyweld products.


For all your Hobbyweld products please call Paul on 01647231251 or email on parts@southwesthandling.com.

Original (Small)

Original cylinders are a great step up from disposable cartridges, offering a low-cost alternative for the occasional welder. This refillable gas cylinder is compact and lightweight, truly the best choice if you have portability in mind.

  1. Compact and lightweight
  2. Professional results for the small user
  3. Low one-off deposit
  4. Standard valve (regulator required)
  5. Equivalent to 23 disposable cartridges

Plus (Medium)

Plus cylinders are our mid-sized product, offering significantly increased contents, suited to a higher volume user. Featuring a heavy-duty metal valve guard with comfortable grip, making it both tough and easy to handle.

  1. Tough and sturdy
  2. A high 230 bar fill pressure
  3. Great value gas refills
  4. Standard valve (regulator required)
  5. Equivalent to 3.6 Original cylinders

Ultra (Large)

Ultra cylinders are our largest product, most suited to high volume business users. Work safely with an integrated regulator, encased in a robust valve guard offering protection to the regulator and facilitating movement around the workshop.

  1. Technologically advanced
  2. Lowest gas cost per m³
  3. Built in variable pressure regulator
  4. Contents and gas flow gauge included
  5. 27% more gas than our Plus cylinder
  6. Quick connect fitting included